Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Unexpected Kink

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We started chatting on Scruff.  It was late, like really late; almost to the point of being early, on a Saturday/Sunday.  He (22, 5'6" 140, white, muscular wrestler-type build, 7.5 c, smooth creamy skin) wanted to come over and breed my ass. He said he was not far away from me near the local faith-based liberal arts university.  He had a particular kink though:  he wanted me to be smoking a cigarette at the moment he shot his spunk inside me.  The only consideration for that I told him was that I don't smoke inside my place, we'd have to do it on my second floor balcony.  He was ok with that.  Before he arrived, I had the good sense to put down a flattened cardboard moving box and an old beach towel down on the concrete balcony floor, ostensibly to protect my knees, but it proved to serve another purpose.

When I let him in the door, he nearly pushed me over to get inside.  I could already see the tent in his nylon athletic shorts, this kid was ready to go!  He dropped his clothes just inside the door revealing his beautiful young body and we went out to the balcony.  I immediately dropped to my knees and took his already throbbing tool into my mouth. I got him pretty close a couple of times fairly quickly.  I had to pace this kid or neither one of us was gonna get what we each wanted!

I turned around on my knees and offered my ass to him and he immediately sunk his cock DOWN into my deep wet ass (I was pre-spunked).  As I expected he got real close, real fast. Earlier I had set my smokes and lighter on the railing about where I knew he would be.  He stopped hammering my hole long enough to pass them to me and whispered "light up".  As soon as I had exhaled 3 times he made a loud series of grunts then a sigh as his young seed jetted into me.

He took his time pulling out since his erection stayed with him.  I turned around with the intent of cleaning off his cock and sending him back to his dorm room all cleaned up.  He let me nurse on it for a while, I figured this was going to be a fuck-n-run.  Then, a thought popped into my head.

I looked up at him and whispered "Do you have to take a piss?"

He just kind of didn't react so I just figured he didn't have to or wasn't into it.  After a couple of beats he asked "Did you just ask me if I had to piss?"

I said "Yeah".

He kinda chuckled and said "I think so"

As I waited patiently, tickling the underside of the head of his cock with my tongue I was rewarded in due time with the tastiest, salty/sweet, full stream of boy piss I've ever had the privilege of swallowing.  Like a good sub, I took every. single. drop.

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