Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Unexpected Kink

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We started chatting on Scruff.  It was late, like really late; almost to the point of being early, on a Saturday/Sunday.  He (22, 5'6" 140, white, muscular wrestler-type build, 7.5 c, smooth creamy skin) wanted to come over and breed my ass. He said he was not far away from me near the local faith-based liberal arts university.  He had a particular kink though:  he wanted me to be smoking a cigarette at the moment he shot his spunk inside me.  The only consideration for that I told him was that I don't smoke inside my place, we'd have to do it on my second floor balcony.  He was ok with that.  Before he arrived, I had the good sense to put down a flattened cardboard moving box and an old beach towel down on the concrete balcony floor, ostensibly to protect my knees, but it proved to serve another purpose.

When I let him in the door, he nearly pushed me over to get inside.  I could already see the tent in his nylon athletic shorts, this kid was ready to go!  He dropped his clothes just inside the door revealing his beautiful young body and we went out to the balcony.  I immediately dropped to my knees and took his already throbbing tool into my mouth. I got him pretty close a couple of times fairly quickly.  I had to pace this kid or neither one of us was gonna get what we each wanted!

I turned around on my knees and offered my ass to him and he immediately sunk his cock DOWN into my deep wet ass (I was pre-spunked).  As I expected he got real close, real fast. Earlier I had set my smokes and lighter on the railing about where I knew he would be.  He stopped hammering my hole long enough to pass them to me and whispered "light up".  As soon as I had exhaled 3 times he made a loud series of grunts then a sigh as his young seed jetted into me.

He took his time pulling out since his erection stayed with him.  I turned around with the intent of cleaning off his cock and sending him back to his dorm room all cleaned up.  He let me nurse on it for a while, I figured this was going to be a fuck-n-run.  Then, a thought popped into my head.

I looked up at him and whispered "Do you have to take a piss?"

He just kind of didn't react so I just figured he didn't have to or wasn't into it.  After a couple of beats he asked "Did you just ask me if I had to piss?"

I said "Yeah".

He kinda chuckled and said "I think so"

As I waited patiently, tickling the underside of the head of his cock with my tongue I was rewarded in due time with the tastiest, salty/sweet, full stream of boy piss I've ever had the privilege of swallowing.  Like a good sub, I took every. single. drop.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Sincerest Apologies.....

...for taking SO LONG to pick this project back up again.  It hasn't been for a lack of sex but rather the intrusion of life and the sheer laziness in writing down all my experiences.  I intend to pick this back up and do a better job of keeping you all updated with my experiences.  To that end, many of the true tales I share will be in a non-linear format, without respect to dates.  At least until I'm "all caught up"...shall we begin?

Its 1:30 am on a Sunday.  I'm standing on the side of a main thoroughfare in my city a few yards from my SUV in flip flops, silky nylon running shorts, and a tank top (purchased at Target just like every other gay guy in the US this summer apparently).  I'm desperately attempting to keep the load that was just shot in my ass actually IN my ass, doing my Kegels like no one's business, conversing with one of my fair city's finest law enforcement professionals in the glare of blue strobe lights and 60 billion candle power spot lights.  A few steps away, the man responsible for the spunk wad fighting its way outside of my body is chatting with another representative of law enforcement.  During all of this, "Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when the come for YOU" is running through my head.  How did I get to this point you may ask?  Lets back up about an hour and a half.

I'd had an extremely arduous week professionally and was ripe with anticipation for Saturday to come when I would have a little free time to work on getting bred.  I made the necessary preparations and headed down to the parking lot behind the seedy gay bar I like to frequent to take loads.  Now.  In this city, I can get loads every night of the week with the exception of Saturday nights as a general rule.  I haven't been able to figure out.  Needless to say my expectations were fairly low.

At any rate, after fending off the resident aggressive hustlers behind the bar, I spy a fella ( 6' 2", tall, lean, 8c, white, usually somewhat drunk redneck in a beat up truck) who has bred me nearly weekly since I made this one of my regular stops when load hunting.  Easy lay, hop out of the car into the bushes, get him hard with my hot wet mouth, turn around, bend over, and BAM!  This guy fucks like its his JOB to get his nut inside me.  He usually shoots pretty quick which is a bonus in a situation like this since time is of the essence here.  I was certainly not disappointed.  After about 5 minutes of hammering my hole he unloaded, with a series of grunts, what felt like a bullet of cum inside me followed be 4-5 more spasms of his rock hard cock.  He always stays inside me for a little bit as if working his wad in there and making it take.  After he's taken his pleasure and begins to deflate he pulls out very slowly as I flex my powerful ass muscles to milk out every last available drop.  I get back into my SUV as he jumps into his truck and roars off.  I'm sure you can all testify to the fact that when something as hot and satisfying as that experience occurs, ironically you are not satisfied at all and want more.

I open the mobile website for A4A and begin to look around, check messages, look for more, etc. when I get hit up by another guy (29, 6'4" white, thin, 9" uc) hits me up with a "sup".  I've been trying to get this guy for months and it turns out he's at another seedy bar down the street from where I am.  We arrange for me to pick him up out front and he is going to gladly give me another load.

Now, what I SHOULD have done is taken him to my place (a few minutes away) to relieve his balls of their precious cargo.  For some dumb reason, I thought it would be hot to pull behind an obviously closed business on a side street, hop in the back of my SUV and arch my back for his load.  He had a verifiable 9" blazingly hard cock which he slipped inside my naturally lubed fuck chute with just a little bit of spit for lube.  We started out on my knees and then I flipped around on my back, braced my feet on the roof of cargo area and presented to him.  He dove right in like a sailor on shore leave.  THANK GOD he was also a quick shot breeding me with what he said was, and what certainly felt like a five day load.

We hopped back in the front seat, pulled out around the building, and here comes a pair of PoPo, lights off, making best use of their stealth mode.  We actually made it to the main road before they pulled us over.  Fortunately we hurriedly discussed our story (met at the bar, wanted to talk, needed a quiet place to do so, didn't get out of the car, blah, blah, blah) since I knew they were going to separate us to see if we both told the same story.  The cop came up with some BS story about getting a call about two guys climbing fences and looking into windows.  I'm pretty sure they knew we were fucking and we weren't fooling them in the least.  We both had our documents in order, I have an HRC on the back of my vehicle, and most prowlers don't traipse around looking for a place to knock over in a brand new vehicle where the registration and insurance documents match the name and address of the driver's state-issued driver's license.

After they let us go, we both let out a HUGE sigh of relief (I think I even crossed myself several times) as I drove him back to the bar.  We exchanged numbers and texted each other as we drove to our separate destinations (Sh.  Don't tell the cops).  I apologized profusely assuring him that it was not my intention to put him in any danger.  He was totally cool and gracious and even wants to breed me again, albeit NOT behind a warehouse in the back of an SUV.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cleaning up the 2012 Highlights


I was feeling horny one Friday night (as usual) and had placed the requisite ads asking to get bred.  My first suitor was someone I would never have guessed would be into me (27, lean smooth beautiful dancer's body, mixed race, 8 cut with a nice curve to the side).  He seemed nervous as he walked into my place, kinda walking around on his tip-toes (which he continued to do whenever he was standing up), and looking around my apartment like a cat walking into a new room.

We quickly got down to business as I teased his already rock hard cock with my lips and tongue.  This guy was a pre-cummer extraordinaire.  It tasted so sweet and clean I could have used it to replace the Splenda in my morning coffee.  His body felt amazing.  Lean, hard, beautifully defined musculature.  An amazing V-cut on his abdomen pointing directly to his amazing throbbing cock.  I got him to the brink of explosion several times before he even got his cock in my ass.  There was no way I was NOT gonna get his load inside me so I kept slowing down to give him a chance to come down a bit.

He got me on my belly on the bed and started to tease my hole with his cock as I poppered up.  He propped my ass up on a couple of pillows and dove into me with his tongue.  This guy must have had some sort of spit disorder as he was able to completely lube me up all on his own.  Between his rim job and the leaky faucet of a cock, the lube bottle stayed on the nightstand.

He slowly eased the flared head of his dick inside my sphincter.  He had a way of fucking in and out, centimeter by centimeter.  Just working the head in and out probing deeper and deeper with every inward thrust.  After what seemed like an eternity of blissful teasing, he was all the way in balls deep.  It felt like a miniature aluminum baseball bat was inside me.

In, out.  In, out.  In, out.  He slowly started to pick up steam.  He had my legs spread apart with his knees forcing himself deeper and deeper into my fuck hole.  His face was at the back of my head drawing ragged breaths in and expelling them next to my ear.  Then it started.

He began to slam into me HARD.  At first straight in and out, and then started a gyrating motion with his hips. Up, down, all around, bearing against the hook of his cock like he was trying to break it off inside me.  After about 15 minutes of this his breath became more rapid, unimaginably his cock felt harder and like it grew at least two more inches.  With a series of grunts he started to spew his spunk, impregnating me with his sweet load.  I could feel every spurt all the way in my gut.  I was grabbing the edge of the mattress just to hang on as the stars kept shooting off before my eyes.  Volley after volley for what seemed like ages.  It felt like a quart of skeet was dumped in my guts (and I found out later that was nearly true!).

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weekend in Louisville 10/20/12

I know I've been remiss in regular postings for a while.  Its not that I haven't been taking cum, but most of them have been semi regulars.  I do have to say that its been really hit or miss lately.  Where I would in the past get 10-12 loads in a weekend, I've been getting 4-6.  I've also been quite busy with work, life, etc  I do have some highlights however.

I recently spent an overnight in Louisville (my favorite place).  I took a few loads (5) from some regulars which have already been mentioned in earlier posts.  I'll tell you about the "new" guys that shared themselves with me:

My friend brought a new straight guy (24, white, 6'1, thuggish, 9"c) for me to enjoy.  I have no doubt this guy was totally 100% straight and was doing this for the money.  My friend set him up on the bed with his phone so he could watch some straight porn while I basically rode him like a dime store pony.  I mean this guy was here to get serviced, not even looking at me, not bucking his hips as I was astride, not saying a word until he whispered "You better get back on, I'm fixin' to cum".  I have to admit something.  It was pretty fuckin' hot.  I'm used to getting aggressive tops that want to pound like a porn star in whatever position gets them off.  This time I was able to get the angle I wanted and really enjoy having a rock hard 9" dildo attached to a live (hot) body in my ass.  I do have to say however, I need to work on my leg strength and stamina if I'm going to do that too much more!  Whew!

After they left, in abut an hour my friend brought back the straight boy he paid to fuck me the previous trip to  Louisville (20, 5'9", 145, white, 7.5c) to enjoy my ass again.  This kid is always hot, horny and ready to go.  As an added bonus, my friend had been at the bookstores earlier that day and sucked off a bunch of men whose cum he had saved in a pill bottle.  No need for any extra lube since we used that to ease everything in.  The thought of cum from multiple men that I hadn't even met made me so horny I was beside myself.  We used this to make sure it all got to the right place with no waste:

After that things wound down a bit.  I attempted to go to Metro Station but nothing was going on, which seems to be a theme for the last few times in Louisville.  Can anyone tell me what's going on up there?

While I was on the way back to the hotel my iPhone dinged with a new email from a new guy.  By then it was getting real late (or early, depending on how you slice it).  He (26, 6'3", 220, hairy, 7c) was tired but horny beyond belief and wanted to get off in a bareback ass before he went to bed.  I was only more than happy to oblige.  

He got to the hotel about the same time I pulled up and already had his hard cock out and stroking as he walked into the room.  I barely had time to get in position at the edge of the bed than he got his achingly hard cock inside me.  Fuck, that curve to the right felt good.  I love it when guys with a curved cock fuck as if it was straight as a baseball bat.  A good 10-15 minutes later (which surprised me given how horny he was) he was pulsing his DNA inside me.  He even kept fucking after he'd blown as if he had another load to give me but that didn't end up happening.  Ah well what I got made me happy.

All in all, I got 8 loads for my weekend, which I guess isn't too bad considering.  Haha!!  Listen to how much of a greedy slut I am!!  I'll be writing more often in the next few days since I want to "catch up" before the end of the year to start 2013 off fresh.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Thoughts

I know its been a while since I've posted anything and my lack of posts in no way means I haven't been taking loads like the cum slut I am. I just need to collect my thoughts and update my records to give an accurate account of the popper fueled sessions I enjoy.

While I never want this blog to be a podium for my own opinions and sermons, I do have a couple of things that have been on my mind as it relates to my enjoyment of what I do.

#1: Guys who have no clue about what bareback sex means.

I'm a semi-regular CL poster. The following is what I typically post, not including the picture displayed here on my blog. I'm always very specific about what I'm looking for and try not to leave any doubt in the reader's mind.

"Taking load in my ass. Thirty seven, one seventy five, smooth, tan, average bod, buzzed head. Don't care what you look like, your size, or endowment as long as you can load me up. NSA discreet

Serious only. Can host or travel within reason. Put "Cum" in the subject line to avoid the spam folder. Pics (don't have to be your face) prove you are serious. Will be looking as long as this is posted"

Now. Most guys get it. I either get emails from men who are genuinely interested or those that feel its their job to excoriate me because they don't like what I have to say or what I want. I can deal with both of that although I'm more interested in the former than the latter.

What really chaps my ass are those guys who what to fuck me, but do it covered. Seriously? Below is an actual exchange with a guy who emails me every time I post:

Dumbass: "I am assuming it is okay to wear rubbers while I unload or breed you, right?"

Me: "Um, No, its not okay"

Ok, did I miss something here? How does breeding equate with the use of a condom? And that is only one example of the typical emails I get from this douchebag. If you can't read the fucking ad and respond appropriately or not respond at all, you should quit trolling the bareback ads CL and join a book club or something. I would literally rather NOT get fucked than get fucked with a condom.

#2: Tops who parTy.

While I have done my share of party favors in the past, I haven't done them in about 11 years now. I have no moral objection to those who do. Additionally, I may still have yet to enjoy such activities in the future depending on the situation. What you do with your own body is your business. How it affects my body on the other hand IS my business. Let me tell you what happened recently.

I met this really cute guy in the parking lot of a fairly "notorious" bar here in the city. After a short conversation (where I made sure he wasn't a hustler), he followed me back to my place. We had already talked about what each of us were into in great detail (bareback top => him; bareback bottom => me). He did mention that he did party some but assured me that it would not affect his performance in any way especially since I specifically asked him about it.

So we get to my place and things were going well. Then he decided he need a "little bump". Well that was where the fuck train ran off the tracks. He got increasingly less focused, getting a drink, fast forwarding the porn, playing with the cock ring I lent him, getting a drink, changing positions, etc. And his erection, while growing at first, became a distant memory; lost in the fog of geeking out.

I'm not one to literally or figuratively "beat a dead horse" so I ended the encounter quite quickly, very disappointed. All I wanted was to get bred. This guy talked a good game and was a genuinely nice guy but when your partying affects my possibilities of getting cum in my ass, you're messing with my deal and that's not cool.

I promise that my next entry will be more focused on the purpose of this blog. I'm sure that other bottoms out there have experienced circumstances like I just shared and I wanted you to know that if you are frustrated, you're not alone.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Road Trip North 9/21-9/26 Part 2. The "Ride" Home

After spending time with family it was time to head back home.  I had already planned to stay at the same motel in Columbus, again it being exactly the half way point of my trip.  I wasn't really sure what type of action I would get since this was a Tuesday night.  I was pleasantly surprised at the results of the night with very little effort on my part.  I placed the requisite ads (A4A, BBRT, & CL) after preparation and didn't have to wait too long before getting responses.


#1 & 2:  I started talking to the first guy (32, 5'9" 150, 7"c, hairy little sexy white otter) on A4A at the same time I started talking to guy #2 (19 or 20, 5'10", 150, smooth, athletic/jock build, super hot little white guy from OSU, 7.5"c) who contacted me from Craigslist.  I wasn't really sure about the young kid but as soon as he heard there was another guy on his way he was there in five minutes.  It helped that the motel was next to the OSU north campus.  They got there at exactly the same time and they each wasted no time whatsoever getting into my ass.  These guys tossed me around like a rag doll and they were both so hot I was putty in their hands.  At one point they even tried to double fuck me but the angle wasn't right.  Little OSU boy was like a man possessed!  You have GOT to love youth sometimes.  For his age he really knew what he was doing too.  He came first with a roar, breeding a huge load into my hole while my knees at the edge of the bed.  He kinda got up and ready pretty quick and got outta there.  The other guy and I were just a little surprised and impressed at how hot and good this boy really was.  He was so turned on, he got back inside my hole and within 5 minutes was pushing his DNA deep inside me.

#3:  This other young man (20, 6', 160, smooth twink build, a hot little nerd with 7"c) had been texting me non stop for a couple of hours.  He was another one I was not really sure of.  Just a lot of questions, telling me he was in class, etc.  I was getting a bit anxious because I really wanted to go to Club Columbus and the night was getting later and later.  I finally gave him an ultimatum and he told me he was on his way and would be there in five minutes.  He finally walked in the door in the nick of time.  The poor thing was super nervous and kinda walked around like a caged animal for a few minutes so I could tell that this might have been the first time he'd done something like this.  I could already tell that the growing bulge in the crotch of his pants was going to outweigh any fears or uncertainty he may have had.  I finally got him to calm enough to get his clothes off and relax enough for me to start sucking his rock hard penis.  No sooner did we get into the groove than there was a knock on the door.  Well, that put him right back into nervous mode again.  I wasn't sure who this could be since I wasn't expecting anyone in particular at that time.  Needless to say I was a little surprised myself.  I asked him if he minded if someone else joined us and he just kinda shrugged his shoulders, like he didn't have a choice any way!  So I go to the door and open it (nude of course) and who strides in but #2!!!  I almost couldn't believe it.  He immediately shucked his shorts and sweatshirt and was already rock hard and ready to go!

We immediately fell into a repeat of our previous encounter which was MORE than ok with me!  After the hot little nerd saw how amazing this other kid was, he got real excited, real quick.  As #2 started to fuck me, #3 hopped up on the bed and offered his dick for me to slobber on.  In absolutely no time I could taste and feel his sweet, watery load hitting the back of my throat.  Wow, that was fast!!  After that he decided to go to the other bed and hang out and watch the other kid drill my anus 6 ways from Sunday again.  Jock boy again let loose with a huge load of spunk even deeper than the last time.  He was fucking me so fast and hard on my knees he was practically vibrating!!  The other guy by that time had regained his erection and was only too eager to sink his young boner back into my hole.  It wasn't 5 minutes later that his (bigger than the last one) boy batter was joining the other boy's load painting the inside of me.  WHEW!!!


After a short time of recovery I decided to hit Club Columbus.  It was about 9pm.  It was a Tuesday night.  Needless to say I didn't have high expectations.  However, I LOOOOVVVEEE bath houses.  I cut my sexual teeth and explored the limits of my inner pig hanging in a sling in the DeSade room at Chicago's Man's Country.  I hadn't been to a bath house in about 12 years, so I was REALLY looking forward to this opportunity. There's just something about entering a building where 90% of the men inside are there for one reason.  These places more often than not satisfy the most basic need any man  That being said, there are still the social and psychological limitations brought into the space that exist on the outside which is unfortunate.  I'm sure I could write a book about this, but I have a bit to say about etiquette and appropriate behavior at a bath house that seems to be as true today as it was 12 years ago:

1.  Play it cool.  Don't follow people around obsessively.  That only turns turns off the person you are following and you portray yourself as a total creeper.  Also, don't stand outside someone's room cock blocking their game if you don't plan on coming in.  If you want to look at a still photo, buy a magazine.  Again, creeper.

2.  Related to above....No means No.  It means the same the second and third time as it does the first time you hear it.  I will try to be diplomatic and kind if I'm not interested but if I have to repeat myself I will not be happy, therefore most likely hurting your feelings.

3.  Watch for clues as to what the guy you are interested in may be interested in himself.  If a guy is in a room with the lights low, lying on his stomach, with his legs spread apart and ass pointed toward the door, he is most likely NOT looking for someone to suck his cock.  As much of a favor as you think you are performing, this guy wants his ass fucked.  Pure and simple.  Related to that, if there isn't a condom in sight in this scene, and a guy tells you he wants it bareback, that doesn't mean you should continue to put a rubber on your cock.  Don't judge either.  We're all there for what we want.  Don't preach, just go find someone else.

As I arrived at the club, I was totally impressed at the high end feel and quality of everything.  There were quite a few cars in the parking lot so I thought it might be good.  I signed up for a membership, and got a deluxe room.  After settling in I took a tour of the facility.  Dry sauna? Check.  Steam Sauna?  Check.  HUGE hot tub?  Check.  All the pieces were there with the bonus of a heated swimming pool, glory hole/booth area, and dark rooms (one with a sling).

I settled into my room and took my position: completely nude, on my belly, with the pillow under my right side.  This props up the side of my body and allows me to keep my left leg straight and my right one pulled up which presents my smooth ass perfectly aimed at the open door.  My room was in the perfect spot too, at the beginning of a hallway so that anyone coming down the hallway sees me first.  Let the fun begin!

All told, I was fucked by 5 guys and took loads from 3.  Not bad at all for a Tuesday night I think.  There were a couple of false starts, as in guys only wanting oral, the "safe sex" brigade, and a couple of lurkers.

#1 (#5 for the night):  He (40's, white, very fit, 7"c, MASSIVELY hairy all over which I love) came in and started rubbing my leg.  He slowly worked his way up my thigh and started fingering my hole....BINGO!!  I pulled myself up on my elbows and greedily took his already rock hard cock in my mouth to get it slicked up for my already wet hole.  I think he was able to feel the loads already inside me and that was all the invitation he needed.  He grabbed my hips and pulled me up on my knees on the edge of the mattress as he guided himself to my fuck chute.  He sank his cock into me in one stroke and fucked me like that in the same position until he groaned loudly and sprayed my insides with his batter.  As soon as he came down from his high and slowly pulled his cock out of my pulsing ass, I whipped around and took him in my mouth to clean him off carefully.  As he wrapped his towel around his sexy body I looked into his eyes and thanked him which is something I do for every man that fucks me.  It catches some guys off guard, and they don't know what to think about it.  He kissed me on the forehead and without a word walked out the door, leaving it open.

#2 (#6 for the night):  Pretty much happened the same as the first.  The guy (Late 40's, fit, white, smooth, muscular military look, 7.5 c) even looked a bit like the first guy.  Kinda felt like I had just been bred by brothers, lol!

#3 (#7 for the night):   I had been talking to this guy (41, 5'9", white, 7.5c, 150) on BBRT and text, but hadn't been able to work it out...until now.  He texted me and told me he would be at the club soon and really wanted to breed me.  Within about an hour he finally found me and gave me one of the best fucks of the night.  I could tell he had a huge wad of spunk backed up because I could feel every pulse of his rod as he dumped inside me.  It took a LOOONG time for him to come down from his climax and kept his cock in me as I squeezed and pulsed to make sure that I got every drop.

Shortly after that I decided I was done for the night.  I had a 6 hour drive ahead of me with a stop in Louisville to meet friends for lunch.  Let me say this again, in no uncertain terms:  I LOVE COLUMBUS!!!  I hope to be able to go up for a long weekend after the holidays.  I know some of the guys I met are reading this and I just want to thank you so much for showing me a great time, giving me your loads, and generally showing me a good time.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Road Trip North 9/21-9/26 Part 1

Load Count for 2012:  180

I had to drive to the northeast to attend a family funeral last week.  It was not an unexpected trip since my relative had passed away on 9/1 but my family waited to schedule the memorial service for when more people could make plans to attend.  As I usually do, I planned ahead by deciding where I wanted to stay to split the trip up into manageable segments.  I don't mind flying, but I really prefer to drive.  It gives me time to be alone, listen to my nerdy Sirius/XM channels for longer than a daily commute, gives me flexibility while I'm home to escape my bigoted homophobic relatives, and I just find it relaxing.  My journey took me through Columbus OH, which was the perfect opportunity for me since I had never been and someone once told me that CMH was a very horny town that didn't have any shortage of barebackers.  Both of which I found to be true.

When I'm planning these types of adventures, I like to "fertilize the field" so to speak.  I posted a "Social Gathering" party on BBRT, and started trolling both BBRT & A4A.  I also like to do this because it helps me form friendships and aquanitances with men of similar interest.  My only pet peeve with the party listings on BBRT is that you get all these guys who request an invitation but have absolutely no intention of attending.   I don't know if its some sort of "I don't like another attendee" or "I'm a game player" or what the fuck it is. Out of 30+ respondents, only 6 showed up as a result of my BBRT ad.  Seriously?  Guys, and this is from the heart, if you really aren't going to attend someone's event, please don't waste their time and energy.  Both of those things are just as valuable to me as any amount of money.  I'm 100% a sure thing when it comes to hooking up and expect the same from anyone else.  Man up fellas.

ANYWAY!!!  Off of my soapbox and on to what everyone (hopefully) wants to hear about.

I made a reservation at a Days Inn on the north side of Columbus very near the fairgrounds (across the street) and quite close to OSU campus.  I also posted an ad on Craigslist, and A4A along with BBRT.  As soon as I sent out the final invitation email (like 10 minutes later) my first guest arrived.

#1:  42 5'9", 189, white, 7.5" c thick, got down to business very quickly.  He was a very verbal guy and powerful.  He had no problem putting me in whatever position he wanted me in at any given time.  We fucked in quite a few positions but he ended up breeding my ass on my back with my knees literally up next to my ears (thank God I do my stretching exercises before this type of activity).  He put a nice big load inside me which lubed me up sufficiently for the next encounter.

#2, 3, 4, 5, & 6:  I'm listing these guys together because at one point or another they were all there at the same time.  The first guy (36, 6'3", 160, hairy, 7.5c pierced, tall, super skinny which I love, with a bit of a punk edge about him.  A very sexy man) showed up not long after the first guy left.  We started playing and there was a knock on the door after a little while and the 2nd guy (49, 6'2", 210, white, hairy, 7.5c) knocked on the door.  He seemed a little nervous but that didn't prevent him from sinking his fat cock in my hole right away.  He kept pulling out and walking around the room.  I think he was somewhat over-stimulated and was trying to prevent himself from shooting his wad too soon.  The way he ended up was he sat on the first guys cock as he lay on his back and I straddled guy number one and backed my ass up on number two's cock.  Poor thing, he had no choice but to cum!

After he left the first guy and I (we've actually since become friends) relaxed a bit and continued to lightly play around when after a short while another knock on the door.  I answered the door (completely nude of course) and this crazysexy, beautiful man (41, 5'11", 150, white, smooth defined body, 8c) strode in the door.  There was an instant connection between the 3 of us as we immediately started making out and getting the newbie's clothes off.  These guys were totally hot.  I wasted no time in getting the new guy's cock in my ass.  I basically got on my knees on the edge of the bed and begged him to fuck me which he obliged.  While he was inside me, ANOTHER knock on the door.  At this point I was so crazy with lust and poppered up I'm not sure if I answered the door or someone else!  There was no way I couldn't notice the hunk of man (32, 6'1" 220 solid muscle, smooth, white, 7" beer can thick) that walked in the door.  Holy FUCK!!  I am in hog heaven at this point.  Not long after he walked in, I was on my knees with someone's cock in my mouth and someone else's cock in my ass (don't ask me who's was where) and I hear yet another knock on the door.  Graciously, my friend offered to get the door for me since I was a little busy at the moment.  I didn't even get a chance to turn around to see who had walked in so I didn't get a look at him right away (for the record he was 39, 6'3" 260, big black bear with 8"c).  Honestly it didn't even matter.  I got everybody's load and even got 2 from my new friend and 2 from the muscle man.  We even had a few moments of down time/chat time between the first and second rounds.  A totally amazing experience.  Each guy was super sexy, and we were all able to shoot the breeze and get to know each other a bit more than just a trick, which is always super sexy to me.

I took two more loads that night.  One from a 42 y/o, 5'11, 160, hairy, 6.5"c white guy, and another from a 32 y/o, 6'2", 245, hairy cub with 6"c.  Both guys were super nice and gave me really big loads.  I had to get up and get on the road in the morning so sleep was something I REALLY needed.

So.  My introduction to Columbus OH was......FANTASTIC!!  Stay tuned to my next entry which regales my trip back through Columbus on the way home.  You'll want to read because I'll be telling you about my 3 way with two OSU students, and my visit to Club Columbus.